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We are real live, local people! You are always welcome to come and meet us face to face! Based out of Cottage Grove Minnesota, we have been doing this since 2009. We bring reliable cash offers from a local buyer (lives and works right here in Minnesota) while offering our clients flexible close dates of their choosing! Think about it - No more open houses. No more revolving showings with hordes of strangers trampling through your home! Just a quick closing with cash in your pocket, and most importantly - we close on YOUR timeframe!

While some of our long-term investments don’t need to be sold, the majority of our properties generate the greatest return with a quick sale. We have many company policies and renovation tactics to ensure the quick sale of properties. The best scenario is having the end buyer lined up prior to the project being completed. Each house undergoes an initial design phase analysis that includes location, comparable sales, active listings, and real estate trending to decide how to best finish and market our investments to obtain the quickest sale possible.

Sell Us Your Property!

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What We Do

Mason Company has built a strong lasting reputation founded on two key strengths — efficient financing and enduring investor relationships.

We are able to negotiate simultaneous transactions utilizing financing from diverse public, and private sources. We have built substantial partnerships that allow us to consistently deliver value to our investors and our surrounding communities alike.

How It Works:

Most homeowners are under the belief that to sell a home – they have two options:

  • A Traditional “realtor sale”
  • For Sale by Owner” (also known as FSBO)

The truth is there are many more options available to most homeowners!

Mason Company performs many traditional sales; but we go the extra mile for our clients and obtain the best possible resale value in the shortest amount of time. In addition to listing property, we specialize in non-traditional sale strategies.

What about a Non-Traditional Sale?

Cash Offer – A Cash offer is the transfer of a real estate property without financing or mortgages. The buyer would produce the funds at the time of closing; the seller then receives the entire selling price at closing.

Lease Option – A lease option is an agreement that gives a renter the choice to purchase a property during or at the end of the rental period. As long as the lease option period is in effect, the landlord/seller may not offer the property for sale to anyone else.

Contract for Deed - A contract for deed lets buyers purchase land without a mortgage. When a buyer and seller sign a contract for deed or contract for sale, the buyer agrees to pay for the property in installments. The seller retains the deed–the document that transfers title–until the buyer has fulfilled the contract by making the final payment.

Non-Traditional sales such as cash offers for distressed properties, lease option to purchase and contract for deed are just a few. The key to making these non-traditional transactions easy, is the amount of networking we do, and knowledge we possess from numerous previous transactions. There is no proverbial “golden goose” web based listing service for these types of buyers and sellers like the MLS offers for traditional sales. These relationships are built over numerous transactions over an extensive period of time. Our team of professionals is constantly working to with new and repeat buyers, sellers and investors to make sure each and every one of our real estate transactions benefit all parties and close with seamless ease.

Our team of return investors, appraisers, closers, and agents love to make these deals happen, that’s why we specialize in non-traditional sales! Real Estate is a people business and we love getting people what they want!

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