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Most people at some point in their life have thought about investing in Real Estate, our question to you is why haven’t you started?

With all of the options available today anyone can become an investor on some level and we encourage you to do so! Contrary to popular belief you don’t need excessive cash to invest. We work with investors that have cash, we also help investors set up self-directed retirement accounts to direct your retirement funds into real estate. This can be an IRA, Roth IRA, or your 401k. In fact, this is the most common method we use, and rewards you with the highest net return and the most incentives! If you want to find out more information, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to sit down with you!

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Direct one to one investing is the foundation of our business. After all it gives our investors the highest return! This ties one investor’s funds to one project. There is a direct link established by creating a new entity, and partnership LLC between the Mason Company, and the investor or the investor’s retirement account. The investor supplies all capitol for purchase and renovations and the return is split between both LLC owners. These projects can range depending on the investor, the funds available, and the projects available. The most common vehicle is single family home rehabilitation projects. These can give a 15% return per “turn” or completed project. The project timeframe is typically 6 months from original offer through the end buyer closing.

Note: If an investor has enough funds multiple projects can be done simultaneously in one LLC.

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Mason Company has built a reputation founded on two key strengths — efficient financing and enduring investor relationships. We are able to negotiate simultaneous transactions utilizing financing from diverse public, and private sources. We have built substantial partnerships that allow us to consistently deliver value to our investors and our surrounding communities alike.

  • Efficient Financing
  • Enduring Investor Relationships
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